UE Exhibition Booths

There are hundreds of exhibition booths on display at trade shows and events - which poses a question. How do you stand out from the crowd? Answer: with a Unique Exhibitions booth, we’ll make people notice you.

Pick a Booth That Suits Your Needs.

We offer various booth styles and packages, so we’re always confident we can provide the booth that suits your needs.

Custom-Built Booths: If you need an exhibition booth in any shape, style, colour or design, a tailor-made booth is an ideal choice. We make our bespoke exhibition booths from scratch using a variety of materials and provide an eye-catching display. Custom-made booths are usually built for a specific event and tend to be single-use only. However, it’s possible to store and use them again. The UEnvisage All Inclusive Package is an example of a custom-built booth – we design and build the booth to your requirements and always stay within budget.

UE Exhibition Booths
UE Exhibition Booths

Modular Exhibition Stands.

Modular exhibition booths are a bit like Lego. We construct these booths via interconnecting parts which can transform into a variety of shapes. Modular structures are reconfigurable and reusable, so they’re an ideal choice if you’re conscious about your business’ impact on the environment. We construct our UEssentials and UEmpower Packages from a modular framework, and our prices even include a pre-build, just to relax you a little more.

Portable Exhibition Stands.

Portable displays are a quick and easy solution for businesses who want to give their brand presence in a few seconds. The primary function of a portable booth is ease of transport, and they tend to appear at roadshows, conferences and seminars.

They’re easy to assemble, which means you’ll be able to do it yourself without any trouble. Portable booths take the form of roller banners, pop-up displays, literature holders and flags. We can also mould portable elements into modular and bespoke booths or build around a portable booth you already have. For example, you may have a bespoke booth and decide you want a leaflet holder, so it’s easy to distribute promotional literature.

UE Exhibition Booths
UE Exhibition Booths

Create Your Booth the Unique Way

Ideate: The first stage of the booth creation process is ideation – you need someone to take your initial idea and turn it into something awe-inspiring. Also, you want to work with designers that are curious, passionate, creative and clear communicators – and all our designers provide that experience.

Design: Once narrowed a pool of ideas down – it’s time to get creative. Our designers use all the latest technology to create something unique.Your input isn’t just welcomed, it’s the driver of the process. To get something that’s ‘you’, we need to get your opinion.

Install: You’ll want to see the finished article before everyone starts piling into the event, so we always offer that opportunity. And we don’t like to disappoint. Installing booths for 13 years mean we know all the tricks in the book. Our attention to detail is unrivalled. We’ll also take care of any last-minute tweaks and solve any problems.

3 Key Benefits of Working WithUnique Exhibitions.

  1. Work with experts. We’ve been in the business for 13 years – which is due to our passion for booth design, building and installation.
  2. We develop all booths in-house, so you’ll never hear the word ‘outsource’. Our team includes designers, installers, marketers and project managers, so you’ll always have someone on hand to help you.
  3. You’ll be working with a company that has expertise across various business sectors and sizes, from international organisations to small local businesses. We tailor our services to help you stand out.

Frequently Asked Questions

UEssentials is £210 per sqm, UEmpower is £280 per sqm, and UEnvisage is tailored to your exact budget.

All our All Inclusive exhibition stand packages are overseen by an experienced project manager who will take care of everything, including the paperwork. UEssentials and UEmpower are both modular in form, meaning they are a sustainable option and will include a prebuild for your peace of mind. With UEmpower, select features are enhanced/added – for example, your stand can be up to 4m in height (as opposed to 3m in the case of UEssentials) and a 40mm raised platform with aluminium edging is included. With UEnvisage, it’s your stand, your budget, your way! Let us know your budget and requirements, and we will custom-build an effective exhibition stand that ticks all the boxes.

We will travel anywhere in the UK and Europe to install and derig your exhibition stand.

To get the ball rolling, simply fill in an enquiry form, or if you prefer to kick things off with a conversation, request a callback.

Work With an ESSA Member

If all that wasn’t enough, we’re approved by the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA), so you’ll be working with a company that aspires to the body’s mission, vision and values.

Are you ready to get people talking about your business? If you want to speak to us about an exhibition booth, contact us, and we can explore your requirements.

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