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81% of attendees can recall at least one exhibitor they visited at a trade show, even 6 months later! Don’t be in the 19%

Backed by 16 years of expertise in exhibition stand design and a multitude of prestigious best-in-show awards, we’re here to help you draw the crowds, showcase your brand and increase your ROI. 

The Power of Your Hybrid Exhibition Display

Engaging in trade shows does require an initial investment, but when executed properly, the potential rewards can be significant from brand exposure, lead generation and increased ROI (return on investment).

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  • Orchard exhibition stand
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Our hybrid exhibition stands combine the benefits of modular and bespoke stands to give you: 

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    Cost-Efficiency: By adapting existing stand elements, we can make your budget go further. But don’t worry, we never compromise on our high-quality materials.

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    Customised Brand Design: 92% of trade show attendees are seeking new and exciting products and services. Ensure your brand stands out and let your exhibition design reflect your uniqueness. 

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    A Hassle-Free Exhibition: Exhibiting should be about showcasing your brand, not dealing with logistics. Let us take care of everything – from the initial design to seamless dismantling. 

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    Unmatched Versatility: Our stands adapt to any theme or venue for maximum flexibility.

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    Cutting-Edge Engagement: Elevate your brand's presence with cutting-edge technology. Our interactive designs and mesmerising lighting captivate and engage, leaving a lasting impression.

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    Eco-Friendly Commitment: Our commitment to eco-friendly materials and processes aligns your brand with modern environmental values.

In a world where brands are everywhere, we understand the importance of making yours stand out. 

Experience the Benefits of Our In-House Team

Using us as a single provider for your exhibition stand hire has numerous advantages. Take a look for yourself:

  • Uniform Design:   Expect consistent branding across all your stands, reinforcing your brand's image. 

  • Financial Savings: One provider often leads to cost benefits, we even provide transparent budgeting to avoid surprises.

  • Streamlined Processes: With your experienced project manager, expect swift and professional execution from start to finish.

  • Stress-Free Planning: Let your assigned project manager handle the complexities of multiple contacts and paperwork..

  • All-encompassing expertise: With extensive experience, we cover design, build, logistics, and project management – all under one roof.

As a leading exhibition stand hire company serving the UK and Europe, our quality services are readily available wherever your exhibitions take place. 


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    With our no-nonsense, fixed price, all-inclusive pricing, you’ll get no nasty surprises or unexpected costs.

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