Exhibition Stand Installation

Exhibition stand installation is all part of the package at Unique Exhibitions. Our team will transport your stand to the relevant trade show or event and set it up, so you don’t have to. That means you can spend more time focusing on the important things, like perfecting your sales pitch.

Installation done for you

Unique Exhibitions are an all-inclusive exhibition stand service, which includes everything from design to installation. Preparation for exhibition stand installation begins months in advance, as we complete all paperwork and arrange amenities for the day. As the event approaches, we will carefully pack your stand and transport it anywhere in the UK or Europe. 

Professional installation ensures that your stand is set up safely and securely, following the approved design. That means you have more time to prepare for the event and less time worrying about installation. So if you’d like a full service exhibition stand provider, request a quote today.

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Our installation process

  • 1

    Pack artwork, structure, flooring and frames.

  • 2

    Transport anywhere in the UK and Europe.

  • 3

    Install at the event.

  • 4

    Disassemble and transport back.

Finishing touches included

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We can also install TVs, video walls and furnishings in your exhibition stand. TVs are a great way to display your full range of products and highlight brand assets. A TV can act as a sales assistant when all your representatives are busy.

We can also provide display counters and shelving, to put your products on full show. We can even install a shop counter and till if you intend to sell items on the day. There is also the option to install a small reception or bar area, as well as seats or sofas to sit and talk with visitors. Discuss the furnishing options available with your project manager.

Locations covered

We’re a truly international business, so we’ll install your exhibition stand anywhere in the UK or Europe.


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