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From design to installation, we handle every step, ensuring your satisfaction at a competitive, transparent price.

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As a trusted exhibition stand hire company serving the UK and Europe, our services are readily available wherever your exhibitions take place.

Modular Exhibition Stands

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Modular Exhibition Stands

mark iconReconfigurable

mark iconTime-saving

mark iconCost-effective

mark iconDistinctive designs

mark icon100% recyclable

Hybrid Exhibition Stands

Hybrid Exhibition Stands

mark iconCost-effective

mark iconBenefits of both modular and bespoke

mark iconSustainable & environmentally friendly

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Bespoke Exhibition Stands

mark iconTotally bespoke

mark iconStands out from the crowd

mark iconNo restrictions

Our Collaborative Process

  • 1

    Initial Consultation: Discuss your goals and requirements with us to kickstart the process.

  • 2

    Custom Design: Our skilled designers will create a stand tailored to your brand.

  • 3

    Precision Manufacturing: We use high-quality materials to build your stand.

  • 4

    Streamlined Paperwork: Your dedicated project manager handles all necessary paperwork for compliance.

  • 5

    Logistics Guidance: Our experienced project managers will provide expert advice on essential amenities for your exhibition day. 

  • 6

    Seamless Transport and Setup: We handle transportation (to and from your event) and setup, leaving you free to focus on your exhibition.

Your Premier Exhibition Stand Builder

When you choose us as your exhibition stand builder, you benefit from: 

  • Seamless Communication:

    Seamless Communication:

    Our in-house team ensures smooth coordination, saving you valuable time and effort

  • Consistent Branding:

    Consistent Branding:

    Experience uniform branding across all stands, enhancing your brand's image.

  • Cost-Efficiency:


    Our in-house service often leads to cost savings, with transparent budgeting to eliminate surprises.

  • Efficient Processes:

    Efficient Processes:

    Your dedicated project manager ensures swift and professional execution from inception to completion.

  • Stress-Free Planning:

    Stress-Free Planning:

    Leave the complexities of multiple contacts and paperwork to your assigned project manager for hassle-free planning.

  • Comprehensive Expertise:

    Comprehensive Expertise:

    With our extensive experience, we cover everything from design and build to logistics and project management – all conveniently under one roof

Why choose Unique Exhibitions as your exhibition stand builders? 

  • “To meet the objectives of our client, Easytrim, we conceptualised a captivating Vegas-themed stand that symbolised a commitment to using British manufacturers and not gambling with foreign suppliers. This hybrid exhibition stand blended modular and bespoke elements, showcasing our craftsmanship. We manufactured a slot machine, bespoke blackjack and roulette tables, even etching logos into the carpet. A ‘Welcome to Vegas’ sign and specialised lighting transformed the space into a vibrant pretend casino. A branded rig was also incorporated into the design.”
  • “Veka wanted to feature their wide selection of windows and doors. We created a fully customised stand tailored to their precise specifications, including bespoke windows, frames and an inviting meeting area. Enhancing brand recognition was a priority so we incorporated a branded rig and illuminated 3D logos for maximum impact, to further elevate the brand’s presence.”
  • “Forrest desired to evoke a cosy coffee shop ambience, complete with customised booths and a comfortable breakout space. Our team meticulously designed a unique stand to fulfil these aspirations. To achieve the desired atmosphere of semi-private booths, we employed acrylic frosted logos on both the front and sides of the stand, ensuring the perfect look and feel.”


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    With our no-nonsense, fixed price, all-inclusive pricing, you’ll get no nasty surprises or unexpected costs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does an exhibition stand cost? 
    How much does an exhibition stand cost? 
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    How do I get people to my exhibition stand?

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