22 Dec, 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Exhibition Stands: Exploring Types and Options

Selecting the right exhibition stand is crucial for making a lasting impression at any event.

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Top 10 Tips for Selecting the Ideal Exhibition Stand:

  • 1

    Understand Your Objectives: If your goal is brand visibility, consider stands with bold graphics and interactive elements.

    Brand Awareness or Lead Generation: For lead generation, opt for a design that facilitates easy conversation and information exchange. needs changing

    Product Display or Networking: Stands designed for product showcases should have ample display space, while networking-focused designs might include seating areas.

  • 2

    Consider Your Budget: Determine your budget early in the planning process. This will help narrow down choices between custom, modular, or pop-up stands.

  • 3

    Assess the Space and Location: Analyse the floor plan of the event. A stand near the entrance or along a main aisle might benefit from an open, inviting design, while a corner space might require a more compact, focused layout.

  • 4

    Design for Your Audience: Understand your target audience and design the stand to appeal to their preferences and expectations. Interactive elements might attract a tech-savvy crowd, whereas elegant, minimalist designs could appeal to a luxury market.

  • 5

    Prioritise Functionality and Flow: Ensure the stand is not only visually appealing but also functional. Consider foot traffic flow, space for product displays, meeting areas, and storage for promotional materials.

  • 6

    Select the Right Type of Stand: Choose from pop-up, modular, custom, shell scheme or double-decker stands based on your objectives, budget and space.

  • 7

    Factor in Logistics: Consider the ease of transportation, setup and dismantling. Modular and pop-up stands offer convenience, whereas custom stands might require more logistics planning.

  • 8

    Sustainability Considerations: If sustainability is a concern, look for eco-friendly materials and designs that can be reused.

  • 9

    Consult with Professionals: Engage with stand design professionals who can offer insights and help bring your vision to life within your budget. Leveraging more than 16 years of experience, we offer a broad spectrum of expertise.

  • 10

    Brand Consistency: Ensure your stand aligns with your brand identity in terms of colours, logos and messaging.

What makes the best exhibition stand?

  • list item iconVisibility and Branding
  • list item iconLayout and Design
  • list item iconFunctionality
  • list item iconTechnology Integration
  • list item iconLighting
  • list item iconPortability
  • list item iconCustomisation
  • list item iconInteractive elements

Pop-Up Stands

Pop up stands are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, startups or those who attend multiple trade shows and need a portable solution.


  • Easy to transport and quick to set up without professional help.
  • Cost-effective and designed for reuse at multiple events..
  • Often comes with customisable panels for branding.


  • Limited in size, typically offering less floor space.
  • Standard designs can be less eye-catching
  • Less sturdy and may not support heavy displays.

Modular Stands

Modular stands are ideal for businesses seeking a balance between a custom display stand and flexibility, especially those that participate in various events with different stand spaces.


  • Highly customisable in design and layout.
  • Reconfigurable for different event spaces and needs.
  • More professional appearance than pop-up stands.


  • Higher initial investment than simpler stands.
  • Setup and dismantling require more time and possibly a team.
  • Storage and transportation can be more complex.

Custom Stands

Custom stands are ideal for large corporations or businesses looking to make a significant impact at a major trade show, with a focus on brand immersion.


  • Unique, bespoke designs tailored to specific branding needs.
  • Opportunity for immersive customer experiences.
  • High-quality materials and construction.


  • Significantly higher costs, both in construction and logistics.
  • Not typically reusable in different configurations.
  • Long production times and complex setup requirements.

Shell Scheme Stands

Shell scheme stands are ideal for new exhibitors, small businesses, or those attending smaller exhibitions with a limited budget.


  • Basic structure (walls, carpet, lights) provided by the organiser.
  • Easier to plan and decorate within a set framework.
  • More affordable and less planning required.


  • Standardised look with limited differentiation.
  • Restricted space and design freedom.
  • May not attract as much attention as more custom stands.

Double-Decker Stands

Double-decker stands are Ideal for major international exhibitions or high-profile events where maximising floor space and creating a standout presence is crucial.


  • Doubles the available space without increasing the footprint.
  • Creates a distinctive and memorable presence.
  • Ideal for hosting meetings or product demonstrations.


  • Significantly higher costs in construction and design.
  • Complex logistical requirements for assembly and dismantling.
  • Not suitable for venues with height restrictions.

Each type of exhibition stand caters to different requirements and budgets. The choice depends on the specific goals of the exhibition, the nature of the products or services displayed, the audience and the overall marketing strategy.

Our Stand Building Process:

  • 1

    Design & Planning: Our process begins with a collaborative design session to align with your exhibition goals. Our designers then craft a custom stand tailored to your specific event needs.

  • 2

    Construction & Quality: Employing high-quality materials, our skilled team constructs a bespoke exhibition stand.

  • 3

    Installation & Logistics: A dedicated project manager handles all administrative tasks, including permits and safety compliance. We ensure all utilities like electricity, water and WIFI are set up for your space.

  • 4

    Event Day Support: Our team oversees setup and dismantling, allowing you to focus on your exhibition. Comprehensive service includes transport of your stand to and from the venue.

As award-winning exhibition stand builders, our efficient approach ensures a smooth, stress-free experience, from initial design to the final day of the event.

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